2014 GPS tracker mobile phone with SOS phone with fast dial button function 2014 watch

2014 GPS tracker mobile phone with SOS phone with fast dial button function 2014 watch
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2014 Watch phone GPS tracker for Taxi Factory wholesales PG88 SOS function

Item No: PG88 

Wayestar Specition_



1.real-time GPS monitoring orientation, and base station double positioning of the real-time tracking (SMS/GPRS/TCP/UDP).
2.a SOS emergency call function, can also breathe out three number, emergency situations can be according to
   the SOS button accurate positioning
3.MP3, MP4 play function
4.digital photo frame function, can be broadcast images
5.have an alarm clock function, timely remind
6.real-time GPS monitoring location/base station auxiliary positioning support a single location and continuous tracking
7.can set up two quick dialing family number, set up ten common number
   Eight, to the holder by telephone or SMS positioning, need not go up platform will know that the position of the guardian
8.accurate to seconds of real-time trajectory tracking
9.supporting SMS/PC/mobile end client inquiry, text messages and the Internet inquires the position information, Google
   plane and satellite map.
10 emergency alarm/the zone alarm/electronic fence/low electric alarm, historical track record and playback
11.remote monitoring, high sensitivity of the microphone, can't bother be stalkers monitor, real-time tracking
Suitable For:
A, for children, the elderly, pet care; B, personal safety prevention
C, field personnel management; D, car rental, small team of management;
F, outdoor travel and exploration; G, criminal investigation criminals tracking.
More Specification
screen size1.4inch OLED(128*96pixel)
sensitivity:GSM -108dBm /GPRS CS4 -102dBm
Camera:1.3MP camera; support JPEG format photo
Bluetoothsupport V2.0 Bluetooth
Data transferUSB, Bluetooth and GPRS
Location query modeB / S or C / S service platform,Mobile phone short message and a variety of ways
Sim card slotsingle sim card slot
InternetWAP browser, GPRS download
Extend memorySupport TF Card up to 4GB memory
All price without bluetooth and TF card price
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