High End Mobile Power Charger for Nokia iPad iPhone Sony PSP

High End Mobile Power Charger for Nokia iPad iPhone Sony PSP
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Product Description

Operation step
1. Connect the output of power line with charger, and connect the another end of power line plug into "OUT" interface. It shows normal charging status as the light flashes green.
2. After recharging or fail to connect with the charger, the light will stops winking. 30%, 70%, 100% three lights will respectively show the different charging amount of electricity.
3. As the light flashes blue, which shows the electric quantity of charger is low and should charge charger in time.
4. The "IN" port is to charge this charger; The light will flash red amid charging. After charging, the red light will stop winking.
5. This charger is able to charge all kinds of mobile phone.

Charging voltage: 5V.
Charging Current: 500 mA(Max)
Output Voltage of the charger: 5V and 5.6 V, the charger is able
To detect it automatically
Output Current of the charger: 500 mA( MAX)
Capacity: 3000 mAh

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